​​Tenmile Mining District

​Est. 1861

​​​​​​​By-Laws of the Tenmile Mining District

Established and Enacted in 1861

(as amended on Dec.16, 2016)

To secure justice and provide order within the Tenmile Mining District,
and to insure fair and impartial application of  mining laws and regulations, we have establish this district and

apply these rules of conduct and operation as herein stated in these By-Laws, as originally written, with equal consideration to all   Amendments and Addendums.

Said regulations to be applied in a non-discriminatory manner to all Agency Regulators, Occupants, Claimants, Prospectors, Transient or Temporary Occupants and Trespassers

on the lands regulated by the Tenmile Mining District.

These By-Laws  shall be stickily adhered to for all business conducted on this District or any business outside of its boundaries affecting the District or the members and occupants of the District, or that would affect any aspect of mining or prospecting activities conducted on the District.

All claimants and stake holders whose holdings, or any portions of, situated within the geographic boundaries described in Addendum herein, and as shown on the accompanying maps, are members of the Tenmile Mining District and are be eligible to participate in District Business and vote at Public Meetings for the District. Regardless of the size or number of their holdings each member is entitled to a single vote. 

1. The District shall maintain a list of eligible members and update this list in January  of each year. 

2. Due diligence shall be used to contact each eligible member to notify them of any scheduled Public Meetings of the                 District.

3. Additional methods for membership in the District can be added as Addendum to these By-Laws by popular vote of eligible     District Members.

4. The Tenmile District shall be governed by a board of directors of not less than 3 members and not greater than 7. (To                expedite majority voting on proposed business the actual number will always be an odd number.)
        4. a) The board members shall be elected by popular vote of eligible members of the district.

                 (A quorum of 51% of eligible district members in attendance at the District Public Meeting, for the purpose of                         electing Board Members, must  participate in the vote to elect members to the board)
         4. b) Board Members must be active claim holders in the district at time of  election.
         4. c) Board Members will serve a term of not less than 2 years and not greater

                 than 4 years per term. (Term length to be determined at the time of nomination for Election)
         4. d) Board Members that are unable to complete their term of office shall be replaced temporarily by an electee                            selected by the Board of Directors. An emergency meeting of eligible district members shall be scheduled, and                          advertised at the earliest date possible and conducted in accordance with the rules for regular Public Meetings, for                 the purpose of electing a new Board  Member to serve out the remaining term of the vacated position.
         4. e) Offices, and corresponding officers, and the duties of such shall be

                  established by the Board of Directors.
         4. f) Business of the district shall be voted on by the board and conducted when

                 a majority vote of the Board of Directors is obtained.

5.  The Primary Roles of the District are: To provide regulations for uniform and fair opportunity for the economic development and use of mineral resources on the District. To negotiate and settle disputes between members, and/or members and others who are not members of the District (including but not limited to Federal and State  Agencies).
        5. a) To expedite these goals a set of regulations for Prospecting, Exploration, Location and Mining Development on the                  Tenmile District has been established and elected by popular vote of the Board of Directors and attached                                  as Addendum to these  By-Laws.  Said Regulations and By-Laws can be modified by  amendment as the need                          occurs. 
      5. b)  Amendments and Addendums shall be made by a majority vote of the Board of  Directors.
      5. c) Regulations shall be written in compliance with, and as a supplement to, existing Federal and State Statutes and                    shall not necessarily conform to any Regulatory Agency Rules that conflict with said Statutes. 
      5. d) Our primary responsibility is to the mining interests in our district. 
      5. e) Our next most important function is to keep historical and more recently added, trails, roads, avenues and points of               egress or access in our district open for public use as designated by Federal and State Statutes and the Spirit of                        Existing Laws.

6.   Rules and Regulations shall be written as Addendum to ByLaws, or as Amendments to the By-Laws or to pre-existing Addendums, and so attached to the existing By-Laws of the District.

7.   Board Meetings will be conducted monthly. 
      7. a) Attendance is mandatory either in person or by electronic participation by all Board Members. 

8.   Public Meetings to discuss District business shall be held Bi-Annually (every 6  months) or more frequently if needed. 
8. a) Public Meetings will be held at a physical location with the location of said meeting being published at least two                       weeks prior to the meeting in a local paper and a popular mining trade journal during the previous months issue of                said journal. Attendance, either in person or by conference call is encouraged for all  active claim holders and                         members of the district.

9.  Rules for conducting Board Meetings and Public Meetings are written as Addendum and attached to these By-Laws.

10. Rules for funding District Activities and Business are written as an Addendum and attached to these By-Laws.

© David P Hembree


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(District Regulations are currently being revised to better serve our members and preserve and protect the rights of public access on our District)