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The Tenmile Mining District

has withdrawn its support of the Mineral and Mining Advisory Councils organization as a whole and is not in favor of the MMAC attempts at so called Legislative Reform. After careful review of the proposed bill the Tenmile Mining District is of the opinion the bill lacks proper form to survive the test of law and is not constitutional in nature. In depth study of the wording reveals serious flaws in the implementation of the proposed bill and it appears that portions of it are designed to take away the rights granted to mineral estate owners and their prospective mining districts and give authority over them to the Mineral and Mining Advisory Council. This is an unacceptable condition in the opinion of the general Membership of the Tenmile Mining District and on July 29, 2017 the district voted to reject the ultimatums given them by MMAC and to dissolve  the existing relationship between the district and MMAC. For more details click on the buttons below to see more

of this story and updates as develop.

These developments should be of interest to every outdoorsman and especially to mining claim owners and every Mining District in this country. This could potentially affect us all and has ramifications that go far beyond what has occurred here in central Idaho...



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                                             ***What Your Mining District has Done for You  in 2017***

It has been a very productive year for our district under the leadership of its new Board of Directors. They are continuing to represent you and your desires on the district and will convey those to the agencies and the representatives of our state legislature. They will be meeting with the USFS and other agencies to present your petitioned requests to them and will be continuing with the negotiation and education  process to teach members of the agencies what the efforts of our miners and outdoorsmen truly do for the environment and how we can benefit one another in our efforts to improve the quality of our public lands.

These meetings both local and in our state capital are costly trips for our Board of Directors and most of the expense has been burdened onto each individual member of the Board. In order to better serve you your support is needed. Your membership dues and donations go 100% towards the direct expenses of maintaining the offices of the mining district and to the expenses of promoting and fighting for your rights on our district. Hunters, fishermen, boaters, bikers, hikers, ATV enthusiasts, horseman and people that just love a nice trip out into nature all gain from our collective efforts here so please join the Tenmile Mining District today and donate to a good cause. 

The Board of Directors of the Tenmile District

has been hard at work assisting our miners in their efforts to develop their claims and exercise their statutory rights on their mineral grants. In addition to this, the BOD has been negotiating with the State Water Board and IDWR to improve the dredging permit process in the upper South Fork Clearwater Basin area.

We are actively working on a solution for USFS Road Closures and have began to review allegations of overreaches against mining claim owners and their applications for POO on our district.