Property Owners and Federal Mining Claim Owners within the boundaries of the Tenmile mining District are eligible to register to participate and to vote on the Tenmile Mining District's agenda and their representation of your rights and desires to other government bodies and the the state and federal agencies. 

Registered Membership shows the consolidarity of the residents of our district and the federal claim owners using public land on our district. Your participation helps us as a regulatory body to better serve you, the general public, and to promote the desires of the majority of our patrons on the public lands in our district. Your opinions matter here. We are your one voice advocate for your rights to access on your public land. We represent you, and want to hear your opinions.

Registration is a one time fee of $25.00 for processing and filing the document with the County Recorders Office.

Annual membership fees are only $50.00 and can be paid in advance or in $5.00 per month installments. 

100% of your annual fees go towards supporting the actions of your district.


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​​Tenmile Mining District

​Est. 1861