​​Tenmile Mining District

​Est. 1861

recorded; and managed in accordance with Chapter 2, Sec. 21-54 (as amended)

30 U.S.C. Chapter 2 Sec. 22-R.S.§2319; 30 U.S.C. Sec. 28-R.S.§2324, and all  applicable Federal and State laws

                                           2011 Statute  (As Amended  in 2007)
...The miners of each mining district may make regulations not in conflict with the laws of the United States, or with the laws of the State or Territory in which the district is situated... 

                                                                                                                                                           © David P Hembree



                                       Welcome Miners & Outdoors Enthusiasts


On behalf of the Tenmile Mining District, we, the members of the Board of Directors, would like to welcome you to an organization where every miner is important.

  For many years now mining activities and public access to multi-use public lands have been under attack and persecution by environmental special interest groups and various tribal and government agencies. These groups and agencies are making it more and more difficult for the miner to make a living and the general public to have access to their public land.

Agencies, for fear of lawsuits by these special interest groups, and in some cases a lack of respect for the miners in general, are now stalling on issuing even the simplest of permits for access and creating impossibly complicated “so called terms of mitigation” for activities that have little or no impact on any surface resources, completely disregarding their own regulations and federal statute guaranteeing access to miners. These tactics, in turn, are making it difficult for miners to work their claim to complete their assessment work. If a miner can’t do their assessment work they can lose their claim. I think we would all agree, this has gone well beyond the scope and intent of the existing statutes protecting mining rights and public access to public lands. No agency has the authority to inhibit or interfere with a well-planned mineral operation. Historically Mining Districts have been established to protect the rights of miners and it is time they come forward and assume their role once again.

The Tenmile Mining District has been a regulatory authority since 1861 and has had the authority to create the final say in all mining related activities on the district since that time.

...current mining laws 2011 edition, (as amended in 2007), provide authorization for mining districts:

30 U.S.C. Chapt. 2, Sec. 22 R.S. 2319 recognizes the Mining Districts authority to regulate over mineral lands belonging to the United States:

 …declares all valuable mineral deposits in lands belonging to the United States free and open to exploration…to citizens of the United States…under regulation prescribed by law and according to the local customs and rules of miners in the several mining districts…

30 U.S.C. Chapt.2, Sec.28; R.S. 2324 authorizes Mining Districts to make regulations for prospecting and mining activities in their district:

... The miners of each mining district may make regulations not in conflict with the laws of the United States, or with the laws of the State or Territory in which the district is situated, ...


    A mining district is a lawful governmental entity that has granted authority that pre-dates all other government agencies to regulate over mineral lands and to regulate mining activities. The BLM is the only other agency that has any similar statutory authority over mining activities. The Mining District can demand that federal agencies coordinate and cooperate with the mining district and follow its rules in all matters related to mining activities.

  Our goal as a mining district is to create a new type of working relationship with surface managers and to protect our district member’s statutory rights to unrestricted access to public lands for mining purposes. Two of the primary roles of this mining district are for the development of mineral resources on our district and the guidance and support for all of our miners and their activities. Since 1861 we have created regulations for the protection of the miner’s rights and property under the mining laws and regulations of the Mining District. By the authority of the mining district, agencies must coordinate their plans with the mining district plan. Finally miners will have a voice that cannot be ignored by agencies.

  We would like to emphasize the importance of the Ten Mile Mining District and its purpose in protecting the miner’s rights and property. Your active participation within the District to step up and show a united front within our constituency to protect those statutory rights is the first step in creating a new understanding in how mining operations will be conducted in the Tenmile Mining District.

    We hope that you will take pride in your claim by fighting for your rights and property and join our cause and be an active member in good standing.  We will always be here to help you with your mining needs and to answer any questions. Your view and thoughts are wanted and needed in this battle. We must all unite as one.


Thank you for your support,

Kevin Landon
Ten Mile Mining District 


Join the Tenmile District to help protect our heritage,  preserve our natural resources and keep our rights to Access on Our Public Lands... Membership shows consolidarity among the  groups of outdoorsman using the public land on our district and helps us as a regulatory body to better serve you, the general public and to promote the desires of the majority of our patrons on the public lands on our district. Your opinions matter here. We are your one voice advocate for your rights to access on your public land. We represent you and want to hear your opinions